Books, books, books.

Hey mommies!

If there is one thing Levi surprisingly likes to do is read books together. A question that I get asked a lot by family members is “how on earth are you able to get him to actually engage with you during story time?” And actually it was never like this. His love for books was never really there. I started introducing books and actually making it part of our routine around maybe 1 year old ( I know, thats terrible). The books I started out with he loved because they were simple ABC books but as he was getting older I kind of wanted to challenge him and introduce actual picture books that carry on an actual story. Honestly, he was not interested at all. I mean he couldn’t even sit through an entire book. I started thinking about what I could do to get him to be into these books that I was buying. Here are three things that helped me big time!

1. I realized that the books I was buying were really because I liked them lol. I didn’t really buy books that I thought he would like – selflish lol. Once I realized this i was able to make better book decisions. I bought books that were about things he was into at the moment such as pizza, ice cream, park, etc.

2. I took him with me!!! I took Levi to Many different bookstores and let him decide which books he wanted to get. Letting him be involved really motivated him to actually use the books when we got home. Not to mention it gave him a sense of independence because he was able to make his own decisions at that very moment.

3. Make connections! I really tried my hardest to connect the books to the outside world. For example, Levi’s current favorite book is Should I Share My Ice Cream? By Mo Willems. Clearly this book is about ice cream, so every time we ate ice cream or saw an ice cream truck I would say something along the lines of “Oh look vanilla ice cream is Gerald’s favorite, remember?!” I kid you not, he got so excited every time I helped him make a connection.

4. This one is probably what helped me the most, and it was to be animated! For those of you who know Levi, you guys know his personality is kind of over the top animated/sassy/attitude-ish. So, reading the books to him in a very fun, kinda loud and animated way really caught his attention.

Alright mommas! I hope you find these little tips that helped me helpful for you!



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