Punta Cana 2018

Hey guys! It’s been a while huh?! I’m back with a random post. Not a mommish one (yupp, not a word)  lol, but hey I wanted to share our awesome experience!
Where do I even start?! I mean Punta Cana is the definition of BEAUTIFUL! We had a few places in mind and I am really happy that we decided to go to Punta Cana.

Deciding to go to Punta Cana:
We initially wanted to go somewhere relaxing and beautiful because GOSH this year has been a super rough one. We were stuck between visiting the pyramids in Mexico, Bermuda or Punta Cana. We cancelled out Mexico because like I said we wanted something relaxing and calming and visiting Mexico would require a lot of walking, since we wanted to explore the pyramids. With Bermuda and Punta Cana left we went with what we felt was right, so we decided to go with Punta Cana! Yes, we both have been to Dom. Rep. plenty of times, but never to Punta Cana. Something about listening to spanish music, eating dominican food and being in our country just felt right to us.
Where we stood:
We stood at Paradisus Punta Cana resort which is all inclusive. This resort totally beat my expectations! I mean the food was amazing, staff, things to do, etc. You know when you go out of the country to a resort and everything is super American? Well this resort was not that, and that is exactly what I was hoping for. We wanted a resort with authentic Dominican vibes. I mean I’m talking about los 3 golpes (plantain, salami, eggs, fried cheese, onions) for breakfast, sancocho (traditional Dominican soup) and other Dominican food staples. The music was nothing but bachata, merengue, tipico & dembow. The presentations at night we also really good. Our room was super big as well. We had a mini suite I would call it. We had our room, a living area and my favorite part, a fridge loaded with alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages!
Where we ate:
Of course we ate at the resort buffets for breakfast and lunch but for dinner we always made restaurant reservations, which I had no idea were free! On night 1, we had dinner at an Italian restaurant called Aqua. This was our least favorite restaurant. The food was just okay. Nothing compared to our favorite Italian restaurant here in NYC, Vapiano. On night 2, we had dinner at a Japanese restaurant called Bana. You guys…. this restaurant was BOMB! Definitely our favorite and in fact I actually wanted to go back the next night lol! It was hibachi style dining and I mean who doesn’t like a good hibachi? On night 3, we had dinner at a latin restaurant called Fuego. This restaurant had more seafood choices than anything else and who ever knows me knows ya girl hates seafood. So I settled for steak which I’m also not too crazy about (i know, picky!), which in the end resulted in me ordering room service because I was still hungry lol. The room service was actually pretty delicious. The portions at Fuego were really small but so rich in flavor!
What did we do?:
Well, this part makes me a little sad. We booked so many excursions and activities for Sunday but unfortunately when we woke up Sunday morning it was pouring rain! This rain was pretty intense, I’m talking like crazy thunder and it didn’t even stop raining for .2 seconds! All excursions were cancelled *inserts sad face* so Sunday was just a looooong day of eating and napping, which I was not mad about! 😊
Needless to say, we really had a lot of fun and we would definitely go back.
See below for some pictures that didn’t make it on our socials!

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