The Power of Guilt

Holding life in my womb after losing my son Uriel has been nerve wrecking, exciting, scary, an emotional roller coaster to say the least. While I was expecting all of these different emotions there is one emotion that I had after losing Uriel that I didn’t expect to carry on while cooking my rainbow baby and that is GUILT. I don’t think anyone knows how powerful the feeling of guilt is until we sit and think about it. I mean I’ve never been one to feel guilty about anything bigger than eating that pizza when trying to diet. In my experience guilt has been my number one emotion and like most mothers of angels we feel guilty after the loss of our babies for many different reasons. The questions starting with “what if” constantly haunt us. I always felt guilty about maybe I could’ve done something better, or maybe it was something i did. I felt guilty not noticing lack of movement before he passed.

Fast forwarding to the day we found out i’m pregnant, the minute we saw that positive sign my body and emotions were consumed by guilt before I could even feel any type of joy. Feeling guilty just doesn’t seem to leave me! I felt guilty for many different reasons. For one, I felt like I was betraying Uriel because I knew had he been here with us I probably would not be getting pregnant so soon. Although I knew this wouldn’t be the case, i didn’t want this pregnancy to mean that we forget about Uriel. My heart and my mind wanted to mourn him for a while longer before I had to worry about anything else. I kept asking myself, “how did i not see these emotions coming?” I felt guilty about not being able to use the clothes we bought for Uriel because this rainbow baby is a girl. I couldn’t stop feeling so bad about having to use some of the things we had for him, for her. The biggest reason for my guilt, my rainbow baby is due just 2 days before Uriel’s birthday. The thought of his first birthday not being all about him because i’ll probably be so sleep deprived to even think about anything, so tired to do anything and just so overwhelmed. I’ll be celebrating a brand new life, when I should be celebrating his existence. I feel guilty that i’ll even have to balance the two!

The power of guilt is real my friends! It creeps up on you and consumes you before you even realize it. Which is why I’ve decided to just believe that everything is okay! I’m truly a firm believer in everything happening for a reason, that a flower doesn’t bloom just because, that the sun doesn’t rise everyday just because. I think that knowing this and constantly practicing it especially when I start feeling guilty really helps. Knowing that Uriel wouldn’t want me to feel guilty, just nothing but happiness is what keeps me sane. We feel incredibly blessed and overwhelmed with joy that we get to embark in this journey yet again.


5 thoughts on “The Power of Guilt

  1. I love how raw your pouring your emotions on the table. After my loss I felt a different kind of guilt way later after my baby girl passed. The guilt that I stopped crying for her! That I don’t constantly think about her like I once did, the what ifs! It’s all now a thing of the past. But now that my rainbow baby is here there’s times where I’m laying down with my two boys and think how perfect it would be if my 2 year baby girl would be here to! And that’s how we keep her alive! Remembering her when we can! ❤️ We love URI! And Elsi will forever be a representation of her! A compensation for a loss! What a blessing! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  2. You are so brave! Thank you for sharing your story and emotions with us. I pray God gives you the daily strength you need! ❤️❤️😘


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